[Icecast] Burst and queue-size vs slow_listeners tally

Marek Dziembowski marek at eclipse-streaming.co.za
Fri Feb 2 10:04:33 UTC 2024

Greetings ice-casters!

I’m hoping to get some clarity and guidance on understanding the relation between queue-size and burst-size settings, and how this affects the slow_listener count shown on the admin pages.

We are having constant issues with listeners eventually being disconnected at varying timespans, and I’ve tried adjusting burst-size and queue-size to find the right balance for avoiding long duration disconnects, but have had no joy yet.

What exactly does the slow_listener count in relation to queue -size indicate? I’ve seen the slow_listeners number grow well beyond the number of connected listeners:

Right now I am seeing:

How do I use this data to find the best queue-size and burst-size settings to keep listeners connected without dropout?

Many thanks,

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