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rack00terry at icloud.com rack00terry at icloud.com
Mon Mar 27 10:25:27 UTC 2023

> "Web" forums are super old fashion. I mean they even predate IP and E-
> Mail...

Horses for courses perhaps. But I get way too much email, and personally find book marking a current web conversation much easier. 

Moreover, I don’t want my email address shared with a massive (presumably) list, so I have to use a ’throw away’ address, which is added hassle. Especially when said email address (Apple hide my email in this case) won’t let you use the same address to send to multiple addresses - so I had to spoof a message to ‘user-request@‘ so that I could use it to send further emails to ‘user@‘. I’ve been on the Internet a looong time, and these old mailman style things aren’t that common these days. I am involved in a lot of community projects though, so I do understand the need for cheap and platform-less.

> I'm also wondering why I hear something like this from someone who I
> don't know from this list, IRC, the presentations, business networks,
> or any real life events.

Probably for the reasons I’ve outlined ;) I don’t know who these emails are going to, or where and how they are being archived. I deal with a few Icecast servers, for community projects. I’m also a dev, and my name is Jem, so happy to meet you.

> Sure you can look up the old messages. The link is attached to every
> mail that comes via the list.

Back to my point ;) That’s a lot of email addresses which can be harvested!

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