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Philipp Schafft phschafft at de.loewenfelsen.net
Mon Mar 27 09:15:46 UTC 2023

Good morning,

On Sun, 2023-03-26 at 00:24 +0000, rack00terry at icloud.com wrote:
> Yes, but we all get to read them as they go to everyone :)
> It is a bit old fashioned. And it’s probably run on a Linux server
> that hasn’t even been rebooted for a decade.

The machine isn't nearly as old as that to begin with. ;)

> I myself am waiting for a response to my email, which I’m not sure if
> it has ever gone out.

likely not. Haven't found something with that subject in the recent
list. Answered.

> I had a look for a decent Icecast forum but only found one that
> wasn’t running anymore. I don’t really understand it - streaming has
> never been more ubiquitous - and Icecast has always been the
> ’standard’. So what the hell is going on? I do wish someone would
> explain!!

"Web" forums are super old fashion. I mean they even predate IP and E-

I'm also wondering why I hear something like this from someone who I
don't know from this list, IRC, the presentations, business networks,
or any real life events.

Also everone please keep in mind that this is a community project. It
is as active as people provide their free time to the project.

> > On 25 Mar 2023, at 22:38, redwood.andrew at gmail.com wrote:
> > Now, you wrote below: “Since you are reading this post, means you
> > are receiving the list messages, so all is good”.
> >  
> > Do you mean by this … that interacting with the Icecast user group
> > is simply by sending & receiving email messages – ie. to specific
> > people (like your good self)?  IE. there is no “Forum”, as such,
> > where I can view different topics and follow the various
> > contributions?

Sure you can look up the old messages. The link is attached to every
mail that comes via the list.

You find the archives of 23 years(!) here:

Happy reading. :)

With best regards,

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