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Jordan Erickson jordan at subj.am
Tue Mar 14 19:08:11 UTC 2023

As far as Linux commandline source clients, Ices2 liquidsoap and MPD are 
popular. You can look here for a really good list of source clients of 
all types: https://icecast.org/apps/

Jordan Erickson

On 3/14/23 08:04, Penguinfriend wrote:
> Thanks for the info. But butt us a gui application. As I run it on a 
> command line linux,I dont know how to run it without GUI.
> Maybe it is possible but there is nothing in the Manual as I can see.
> On 2023-03-13 23:08, Paul Martin wrote:
>> On Tue, Mar 07, 2023 at 05:58:53PM +0100, Penguinfriend wrote:
>>> i running a Shoutcast environment in linux environment. The audio 
>>> generator
>>> (named sc_trans) is not supported and the source is not available.  
>>> I got
>>> two problem.  the 64-bits version is missing and it cannot handle utf-8
>>> correct.
>>> So my question is.   Is it possible to use icecast as stream 
>>> generator to
>>> shoutcast server. If the answer is YES,  which app should I use. I 
>>> see a lot
>>> of apps
>> Icecast is a replacement for Shoutcast, supporting the same protocols.
>> One app which can feed into Icecast and Shoutcast is "butt"
>> https://danielnoethen.de/butt/
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