[Icecast] Send admin kill request to server

HGAlt hgalt at gmx.net
Sat Feb 18 12:23:52 UTC 2023

Hi everybody,

finally I found a solution!

First, Icecast requires a Basic Authorization, which has to provide via a
But this can't be done via JavaScript or JQuery, due the security features
of the browsers.

For more detail information see

Thanks for help,


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Hi Fred,

I am understand the requirements already a little bit better.

What I have to Do is a HTTP GET with a Basic Authorization in the header. I
have tested it with 'Postman' and it works fine with Icecast.

But I have to do it with Javascript or JQuery. Therefore curl doesn't help

I try to use Ajax for that, but something goes wrong.
If I do it without Autorization, I got a return message which says
'Authentication required'.

If I enable the Autorization it tells me only readyState: 0.

If I will find a solution, I will post it here.


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On Feb 14, 2023, at 13:24, HGAlt <hgalt at gmx.net> wrote:

I am a little bit confused!


This is an example of the Icecast documentation for kill a client.
And this is a HTTP GET, which is send to the Icecast server.
You also wrote, that there are no user and pass for an API.

What I have to know, what does the Icecast server expect?
If there is no user and pass, how the server knows, that is a valid request.

You should be able to send this with proper HTTP authentication parameters
by using CURL. Something like:

            curl -u admin:hackme
<> &id=21

This is different from encoding the parameters as if they were part of an
HTML form.



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