[Icecast] Icecast-2.4.0-kh20_win64_setup based on ?

Manuel Hirth mahirth at at.loewenfelsen.net
Wed Apr 26 20:37:16 UTC 2023

On Wed, 26 Apr 2023 19:50:07 +0200
"HGAlt" <hgalt at gmx.net> wrote:

> Hi Manuel and Beni,
> I don't believe that KH is a different branch. It has a lot of
> features of 2.5x. So you can load the setup dynamically, without
> interrupt the steaming software. Also runs this version as a service
> and is more stable than the 32-bit version of 2.4.x. I had already
> several cases, where the software was stopping. My understanding is
> also, that KH is always a pre-version of the official Icecast
> development. By the way I am also running the 32-bit 2.4.x version.

Icecast-KH is a fork maintained by Karl Heyes, that AFAIK initially got
traction because of its FLV support, which was a big feature before
Flash died out, but wasn't a good fit for the Xiph Foundation which
besides Icecast develops and maintains free/libre codecs like FLAC
Opus, and Theora.

Source: My boss happens to be the current maintainer of Icecast and
stresses the divergence between Icecast and Icecast-KH every chance
he gets because this is such a common point of confusion.

If you want the actual pre-release version, you can find it here:

That isn't really up-to-date tho, as beta 3 was already released over a
year ago, but it seems to be the only 2.5 Windows build available – so
if you want something newer, you'll have to compile it yourself.

> So. if anybody really knows on what KH 2.4.x is based, please send me
> this information.

I don't know the exact history here, but from what I found, the initial
fork seems to have happened around version 2.3.2*. So KH 2.4 either
merged changes from mainline Icecast 2.4 (doesn't look like it when
going by `git log`) or it's still based on 2.3. In any case, there's
going to be a lot of differences between the two.

*: see

> Thanks a lot,
> Hans-Georg


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