[Icecast] Transcode lossy to further reduced lossy to stream over Icecast

D.T. ohnonot-github at posteo.de
Sat Apr 15 20:36:49 UTC 2023

 * remote virtual server with very little storage (estimate: I can
   spare about 40G for music)
 * local music collection of ~80G in all sorts of formats - lossy in
   varying quality, some lossless too

 * stream my whole music collection randomized so I can listen to it

 * Locally transcode everything to one format that results in files
   that are 
    - small enough to fit on my server, altogether
    - have a reduced bitrate for streaming
    - can be streamed as-is without further transcoding
 * Upload
 * Set icecast up to do just that (this I know how to do)

So I'm asking advice for the transcoding. What's likely to give the
best results with already lossy sources, and at small bitrates?

According to these documents:
it basically comes down to Fraunhofer Institute's FDK AAC, but the
articles are dated.
Opus is supposed to be good but I always have the impression it doesn't
deal well with loud/grungy/fuzzy/guitarry music, esp. at low bitrates.

What do you say?

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