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שמעון קופפרמן s at jws.co.il
Thu Nov 24 02:33:14 UTC 2022

Hello dear Joerg,

 From your question it can be understood that you are less familiar with 
the configuration file of the software ("icecast.xml").

Basically, the answer to your questions is very simple. You won't find 
what you're looking for inside the software, because it's not there. By 
default the data you were looking for does not appear in the 
configuration file.

But, it's very easy to add them, and get the result you're looking for.
I myself always define these things directly in the configuration file, 
to overcome wrong information that will be inserted inside the encoders.

I will write to you below an example of the code that should be added to 
the software's configuration file, you should of course change the words 
to whatever suits you, but I would like to point out that as of the 
current version, some things do not have an effect as they should have 
(in my view, this is a problem with the software and not with the 
settings - the settings that I will indicate to you comes directly from 
the software's official documentation).

It is important to remember that the Icecast server must be Restart 
after each change in the software configuration file, in order for it to 
take effect. Although it is possible to settle for a Reload instead of a 
full Restart, but in my opinion, it is almost always advisable to 

Before the code, I'll give you a brief concise explanation:

For each anchor point, you create its own customized code. If I'm not 
mistaken, there doesn't appear to be an efficient way to define those 
details so that they appear automatically in all the anchor points.
On my server, I created another anchor (which always runs), the purpose 
of which was to prevent disconnection of listeners from the stream, if 
there was a problem in the studio, and the broadcast from the studio was 

The code of the anchor defines which anchor point it refers to.

Let's say your anchor point is called "Live":

     <stream-name>My Radio Name</stream-name>
     <stream-description>My Radio Description</stream-description>

With a few other things I usually use on me:

     <stream-name>My Radio Name</stream-name>
     <stream-description>My Radio Description</stream-description>

Now with an explanation:

<mount> = The tag indicating the start of setting anchor details
     <stream-name>My Radio Name</stream-name> = The tag indicating the 
name of the station
     <stream-description>My Radio Description</stream-description> = The 
tag indicating the station description
     <stream-url>https://radio.example.com/</stream-url> = The tag 
indicating the link to the station website
     <genre>Pop</genre> = The tag indicating the genre of the station's 
     <fallback-mount>/backup</fallback-mount> = The tag indicating the 
anchor used for backup when disconnecting the anchor from the studio
     <fallback-override>1</fallback-override> = The tag that indicates 
that you must return to the source, when renewing the connection to the 
     <hidden>0</hidden> = The tag indicating whether the anchor will be 
hidden from the software information page
     <public>0</public> = The tag indicating whether the anchor will be 
visible to radio station websites indexes (if your broadcast is not 
private, then you should change to 1)
</mount> = The tag indicating the end of setting anchor details

Of course there are other details that can be set, such as a different 
username and password, but I wrote mainly what you needed.

On Linux servers, the configuration file is usually located in this path 
(I edit the configuration file with a text editor, and I access it via 
SFTP, for reasons of simplicity and convenience for me):


And the Restart command is like this:

/etc/init.d/icecast2 restart

I use a Caddy server to provide support for streaming encrypted traffic 
(fully automatically), so that browsers don't block the stream.
If this interests you, I'd be happy to show you how.
But I don't think it's right to explain everything here.

Please pay attention:
I am not a programmer or a software expert, but I have been using it for 
many years and may already know how to help you.
In any case, I would ask that you feel comfortable contacting me 
directly by email if that seems more appropriate for you.
I may be able to help you with more difficulties on the subject.
I have a little difficulty thinking about everything at once, so I may 
have forgotten some things, but I don't want to flood messages here, so 
that's why I also offered to contact me directly (if it's allowed in the 
rules here - I didn't check).

My Email is: s at jws.co.il

Good luck!!

:כתב Joerg Land, 23/11/2022 16:44 בתאריך

> Hello,
> I just want to change the name of mountpoint and the content of the  
> variables of "stream url" "stream description" etc.
> In former versions there was a gui to enter all of the changes.
> But since Icecast 2.4.4 I don't know where und how to do this.
> I opened all of the program directories, xml + xls without success.
> It would be nice to get a hint. Sorry for this trivial thing.
> Regards, Joerg
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