[Icecast] HTTPS stream URL on https://dir.xiph.org

Damian db76 at riseup.net
Mon May 30 08:01:35 UTC 2022

Dear Icecast community,

I have a question about the (beta) Icecast Directory of streams at https://dir.xiph.org/. My question concerns the blue “Play” button that appears to the right of each stream. I have noticed that the stream URLs for all the streams listed in this directory are http instead of https URLS. I have an SSL compiled version of Icecast. I’d like to know if it is possible (in version 2.4.4) to configure Icecast to display the  HTTPS stream URL. I haven’t yet experimented with version 2.5 to see if this feature exists. 

Any info on this would be helpful.


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