[Icecast] Icecast 2.5 beta3 release

Philipp Schafft phschafft at de.loewenfelsen.net
Mon Mar 14 10:59:18 UTC 2022

Good morning,

the Icecast Project is very pleased to have released the next beta
of Icecast, version 2.5 beta3.

As this is a beta usage in production should be with caution.

Please see the full news entry linked below for details.

New features (extract):

 * Overall
    * Improved relay configuration including multi-upstream support
    * Improved directory configuration including updated mechanism for
      listen URL submission
    * Updates to example configuration
    * Better warning about legacy operations
    * Improved client navigation including per-client history and
      improved handling of fallback overrides
    * Improved configuration validation warnings
    * Support for plain text streaming
    * New *experimental* JSON renderings
 * Web interface
    * Complete redesign
    * Support to move single listeners between sources
    * Logfile display on admin interface
    * New dashboard including overall health and maintenance
    * Added new endpoint `/admin/publicstats` replacing `/status-
      json.xsl` which is now deprecated
    * Added stats key `display-title` to replace `title`, and `artist`
    * Warning about legacy sources on dashboard
    * Listing of listen sockets on admin interface
    * Advanced version display on admin interface
 * Protocol
    * Full `OPTIONS`, `POST`, and `DELETE` support
    * Addition of `no-store` to `Cache-Control:`-header.
    * Improved CORS support
 * Network
    * Support for new listen socket type `virtual`
    * Improved listen URL reporting
    * Per listen socket HTTP headers
    * Prefer IPv6 when IPv4-mapped is supported for listen sockets
 * Authentication
    * Per role matches: `match-web`, `nomatch-web`, `match-admin`,
      `nomatch-admin`, `match-method`, and `nomatch-method`
    * Per listen socket authentication
    * Client altering via authentication including redirection
    * Allow client altering on authentication fail and acl deny
    * New backend `enforce_auth` to improve performance with URL

Fixes and Cleanup (extract):

 * Several TLS related fixes
 * Several autotool related fixes and cleanup
 * Skip using poll() on Darwin
 * Detection of missing submodules in autogen.sh
 * Several locking related fixes
 * Several fixes for legacy metadata
 * Several memory leak fixes
 * Re-implemented `<no-mount>` and renamed to `<allow-direct-access>`
 * Handle safe HTTP methods in unsafe context correctly
 * Improved logging messages
 * Not consider reuse of connections if they reached an error state

Full news entry:





   Experimental packages:

Tickets and bug reports:


With best regards,

Philipp Schafft (CEO/Geschäftsführer) 
Telephon:  +49.3535 490 17 92
Website:   https://www.loewenfelsen.net/
Follow us: https://www.linkedin.com/company/loewenfelsen/

Löwenfelsen UG (haftungsbeschränkt)     Registration number:
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Germany                                 DE305133015
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