[Icecast] HTTPS stream URL on https://dir.xiph.org

Damian db76 at riseup.net
Sun Jun 26 04:41:04 UTC 2022


I was hoping to get a response to my post in May but perhaps it is an issue that has already been discussed in a previous thread. If so, could someone please point me to it?

The main question I have is whether it is possible to specify a https listen URL that would be used on the xiph stream directory. My understanding is that google Chrome no longer supports unencrypted streams so it seems to make sense that the stream links on the xiph directory be https instead of http only.


> On 30 May 2022, at 18:01AEST, Damian <db76 at riseup.net> wrote:
> Dear Icecast community,
> I have a question about the (beta) Icecast Directory of streams at https://dir.xiph.org/. My question concerns the blue “Play” button that appears to the right of each stream. I have noticed that the stream URLs for all the streams listed in this directory are http instead of https URLS. I have an SSL compiled version of Icecast. I’d like to know if it is possible (in version 2.4.4) to configure Icecast to display the  HTTPS stream URL. I haven’t yet experimented with version 2.5 to see if this feature exists. 
> Any info on this would be helpful.
> Damian
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