[Icecast] Privileged Ports IC 2.5

Robert Winkelmann robinstl68 at icloud.com
Mon Jun 6 13:45:55 UTC 2022

Currently I am using the Ubuntu apt package for my production Icecast 
servers and have the setup for accessing the secure ports via settings 
in both the Icecast file and the startup files that handle that.

As I am testing the 2.5 using the download make/build system I do have 
the server up, SSL working on ports but not sure what people are doing 
to allow the privileged port access as for now I am starting it manually 
from command line. I have not tried it yet but assume that I can copy 
the current startup script, change the file locations to the beta files 
and run that but was curious what others are doing in testing to be able 
to open Port 80 for SSL.

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