[Icecast] <on-connect> / <on-disconnect> not working

Petr Pisar petr.pisar at atlas.cz
Fri Jul 15 05:10:44 UTC 2022

V Thu, Jul 14, 2022 at 01:17:04PM -0700, Jack Elliott napsal(a):
> Thank you, Petr!
> Yes, error.log is not very helpful. With loglevel set to 4 (debug) I 
> find that the server does claim to run the commands, but there is 
> nothing to indicate what the problem might be:
> [2022-07-14  13:05:13] DBUG source/source_run_script Starting command /home/my_username/bin/email_onconnect.sh
> [2022-07-14  13:05:13] DBUG source/source_update_settings disconnect script "/home/my_username/bin/email_ondisconnect.sh"
I really recommend using the strace tool to verify the script is successfully

I suspect that a problem is in your script. E.g. it does not work without
a terminal or with /dev/null connected to standard input and output. Icecast
changes file descriptors for the executed commands.

Does you script work when executed from a shell like this?

    /home/my_username/bin/email_onconnect.sh </dev/null >/dev/null 2>/dev/null

> This with Icecast 2.4.0 -- I am waiting for some help with a question I 
> have posted in this mailing list to confirm I have the right repo 
> selected before I attempt upgrading Icecast. It is a running, 
> in-operation service for our radio station and I don't want to break 
> anything.
While Icecast developers have a good relationship with Debian, I would recommend
you to contact vendor of the repository in question. Icecast developers cannot
be responsible for packaging Icecast by someone else.

-- Petr

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