[Icecast] notifying relays

Milton Huang mph at emotrics.com
Thu Jul 14 00:53:02 UTC 2022

I have a setup with an Icecast master server playing a continuous stream to
a Relay on an AWS instance, which in turn provides an SSL stream to the
world using the latest Icecast version On occasion, we will start
a second stream for testing purposes. What I'm finding is there is a long
delay before the stream shows up, which I assume is related to the default
master-update-interval.  What I'm wondering is whether there is a way to
notify the Icecast relay that I'm starting a new stream, as it seems
wasteful to decrease the master-update-interval for something that only is
used on occasion.  I really don't need the relay to be constantly polling
besides making sure our main stream hasn't failed, as we only usually have
the one stream.

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