[Icecast] <on-connect><on-disconnect> send email example?

Jordan Erickson jordan at subj.am
Sun Jul 10 04:05:58 UTC 2022

Hey Jack,

I had this lying around from a long time ago, I think it should still 
work, just needs some tweaking (namely the email address).

# Actions to perform when a source connects to us
# Email contacts that want immediate notification
    printf %b "\
Source connection established at $1
    /usr/bin/mail -s "Source connection established" 
"myemail at mydomain.net" < $EMAILMESSAGE

exit 0


On 7/8/22 15:51, Jack Elliott wrote:
> Hi, running Icecast 2.40 here. Can someone point me to an example of a 
> script that will send an email when a source-client connects, and when 
> it disconnects? I'd like to include the name of the mountpoint in the 
> email subject or body.
> Thank you!

Jordan Erickson
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+1 360.603.5039

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