[Icecast] OT: ban listeners

Damian db76 at riseup.net
Sun Feb 13 22:44:05 UTC 2022


Thanks for posting. I've recently been trying to deal with the same issue where I get multiple user agents with the name 'axios' and 'unknown' connecting multiple times across the two seperate streams that I run. 
Through my research, I have not been able to clearly determine whether axios is indeed a bot. How were you able to confirm this? Anyway, I managed to keep these at by bay by blocking these “bad bots" in my apache settings (as my icecast is on the same server as my website, behind the apache server to be clear). But would you mind sharing you fail2ban filter and jail.local setting for this particular purpose? I’d love to take a look at how you achieved this.


> On 14 Feb 2022, at 1:49 am, unosonic <un at aporee.org> wrote:
> hi,
> maybe slighly OT, but I've suffered from quite many bots or whatever 
> "listeners" staying connected to my server (2.4.4, Debian) permanently, 
> consuming a lot of bandwidth. Most of them coming from the Google cloud, 
> /w user agent "axios 0.21.4", among some others. I've created a simple 
> fail2ban config which bans them for a day on connect. Seems to work...
> In case someone has similar problems, let me know.
> u. 
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