[Icecast] Stats question

Jason McMullan programcoordinator at whus.org
Thu Dec 29 17:12:56 UTC 2022


We're running Icecast 2.4.3 on ubuntu 18.04 and it's been working great for
us. Thanks to all the folks that have contributed to this project!

This may be a dumb question, but I have not been able to find any
documentation or recent discussion of how to create logs to record
historical listener data. I know it must be possible to do this by pulling
data from <server:port/status-json.xsl> or one of the similar sources of
real time Icecast data but I could use some guidance on how to do that, or
maybe there is a better way to get this information. I would like to be
able to access something like the following.

   - Total listeners per week/month/year
   - The hour with the most listeners per week/month/year
   - Approximate aggregate tuning hours per week/month/year

Thanks for any insight you can provide.
Jason McMullan
Program Coordinator at WHUS Radio
whus.org . programcoordinator at whus.org
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