[Icecast] Fallbacks on a relay point ?

Philipp Schafft phschafft at de.loewenfelsen.net
Fri Dec 2 16:18:06 UTC 2022

Good evening,

On Fri, 2022-12-02 at 16:17 +0100, ininow wrote:
> Maybe it wasn't explicit enough because of my poor english, sorry.

No worries. Most of us aren't native speakers. :)

> I dont need any mountpoint, only relays maybe.

I think that hints into the direction of a misunderstanding.

> On my machine, my ODR encoders ask for a stream in input. I get the
> streams from the web, but sometimes one of the streams falls. In
> this case, i want to have a fallback. That's only for this reason
> i'm trying to use an icecast server locally. The idea is : doing
> specific relays of each stream, and specify a fallback ... So no
> mount needed for the moment in my config file.

Generally speaking: Maybe you want to recheck the settings of your
encoders, maybe they have some kind of fallback feature build in.

But back to Icecast:

I think you have a wrong idea of what a mountpoint is.

A mountpoint is a *name*. It's *not* some kind of resource. It is just
a name a resource could have.

You likely confuse this with a source (connection): That is when some
software mounts a stream onto a mountpoint. Then that stream becomes
known by this name.

So, what is a relay than: A "relay" as configured by the relay config
is just a source client that is build into Icecast forwarding an
external stream to Icecast.

So all a relay section does is to ask Icecast to start a source client.
And that source client is just a source client as any other one.

... Then hat does <mount> do?:
The <mount> config section is configuration that is applied to clients
interacting with a given mount point when they do. This means a few
 * A <mount> section doesn't do anything by itself. It is only a
   template used when a client actually makes some kind of request.
 * You can use a <mount> section for every valid mount point. (That is
   everything not under the /admin subtree.) It doesn't matter what
   kind of resource is mounted (stream, static page, status page,...)
   if any (it is still applied if there is nothing mounted).

Which brings me to:
Why not just define a fallback in the mount section? ;)

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