[Icecast] Fallbacks on a relay point ?

ininow ininow at riseup.net
Fri Dec 2 15:17:11 UTC 2022

Maybe it wasn't explicit enough because of my poor english, sorry.

I dont need any mountpoint, only relays maybe.

On my machine, my ODR encoders ask for a stream in input. I get the 
streams from the web, but sometimes one of the streams falls. In this 
case, i want to have a fallback. That's only for this reason i'm trying 
to use an icecast server locally. The idea is : doing specific relays of 
each stream, and specify a fallback ... So no mount needed for the 
moment in my config file.



Le 02/12/2022 à 16:05, Philipp Schafft a écrit :
> Good morning,
> On Fri, 2022-12-02 at 15:20 +0100, ininow wrote:
>> Hi there !
>> I'm looking for a solution to get fallback-mounts on relays.
>> [...] For the moment I don't have any fallback system with this
>> tools. So why i'm trying to set up an Icecast server locally, to
>> redirect the streams in localhost, with  a fallback system.
>> Unfortunately, I had a look to the official documentation, and no way
>> to do a fallback with a relay is specified ...
>> Could I do a relay using a mountpoint ?? Any other idea ?
> I'm not fully sure what the problem is.
> You just need to set the fallback in the corresponding <mount> section.
> And it should just work. Have you tried that?
> With best regards,
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