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Mayiani, Martin Martine - mayianmm mayianmm at jmu.edu
Tue Aug 2 18:18:45 UTC 2022

Thanks Brad! What would be a good queue-size  for a 64Kb player?



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Hi Martin,
The ideal burst size is one that fills the receiver buffer as quickly as possible, without being so great as to require the receiver to close their TCP window due to backpressure on the stream from the player.

Most players will begin decoding with ~32-64 KiB of data, and will playback with ~2 seconds of decoded audio.  So, if your burst size is set to your bitrate times two seconds, you'll fill that buffer.  However, some clients need to do additional type sniffing and what not before they begin playback.  These often have hardcoded buffer sizes that must be filled before playback, and can be as high as 256 KiB (optimized for video, not audio).

A good tradeoff for a typical quality stream of 192kbit is around 5 seconds, or 120,000 bytes of burst.  Most clients will start instantly, will have a plentiful buffer so they won't drop out, but the latency still won't be too high for most channels.

Don't forget to check your queue-size as well!
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On Tue, Aug 2, 2022 at 11:32 AM Mayiani, Martin Martine - mayianmm <mayianmm at jmu.edu<mailto:mayianmm at jmu.edu>> wrote:
I am curious , what do you all have as the burst-size? Like what number?

Martin Mayiani
Operation Specialist WMRA & WEMC

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