[Icecast] certificate update

Damian db76 at riseup.net
Tue Apr 19 09:37:57 UTC 2022

My understanding is that yes, you do need to reload icecast when the certificate is updated.
I asked the question recently and Philipp Schafft from the Icecast team wrote the following …

There is a reload link on the admin web interface on 2.5.x.
It points to /admin/reloadconfig.xsl; if you want to do it
programmatically you can just call /admin/reloadconfig with admin
credentials. Reloading via API is not yet supported by 2.4.4.

Hope this helps.


> On 19 Apr 2022, at 6:21 pm, HGAlt <hgalt at gmx.net> wrote:
> I am using IceCast with https successfully.
> For the certificate I am using certifytheweb and Let’s Encrypt. The certificate will automatically renewed and also the certificate for IceCast.
> Do I have to restart IceCast to read the new certificate or is IceCast reading it from time to time?
> I could not find any answer in the documentation.
> Regards,
> Hans-Georg
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