[Icecast] Setting UP a Simple Relay

Steve Matzura sm at noisynotes.com
Sun Apr 10 22:17:38 UTC 2022


You wrote:

> There is nothing special about relays at all. Icecast config is  > exactly as for any other stream. The only things is that a > 
<relay>-tag is added to start the corresponding internal source > client 
(which replaces an external source client). > > As nothing else is 
different there are also no different > requirements. :)

I was thinking about setting up a completely different server for the 
purposes of my relay so that I can start and stop it with a chron 
job--start the server when I need the relay and stop it when the need 
for the relay is over, all with the standard icecast2 script in 
/etc/init.d. If I add the relay block to my existing Icecast 
confriguration file, won't that relay be in effect--won't it be always 
on--until I remove the relay block and reload the config? In other 
words, I only need the relay for a certain block of hours on a certain 
day, after that, no more. Maybe I'm doing this all the wrong way?

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