[Icecast] only a few listeners - reduce resource usage?

D.T. ohnonot-github at posteo.de
Wed Apr 6 06:37:40 UTC 2022

I have made myself a radio station that just shuffles my music
collection, transcodes it to ogg/vorbis and streams that over icecast.
It's a simple shell script utilixing ffmpeg and oggfwd, on a headless
Debian server.
Due to copyright issues I cannot make it public (I guess), so I'll
often have no listeners at all, and usually just myself.
But the script is still chugging along, transcoding music to nowhere.

Now I understand that the buffer has to be full when a listener
connects. And I also understand that the unique character of a radio
station would be lost if the playlist actually stops when nobody is

Even so, is it possible to avoid this waste of resources while still
having my very own radio station?



PS: thanks for yet another glorious FOSS application!!!


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