[Icecast] fallback loop

Lorenz Reichelt lr at pripple.de
Fri May 21 13:35:18 UTC 2021

Hi Ken, it is best practice to actually stream the fallback file. If you specify it directly, it will be sent many times, fill up the client’s buffer, play silence for a long time before the program is played.

I haven’t come across your problem, but it might be gone once you follow this best practice.

The steps I took on my Ubuntu server:

1. "apt install ezstream"

2. Write a very simple ezstream.xml with the following contents:


3. Update your icecast.xml like this:

<sources>10</sources> <---- increase this value – at least I ran into problems of not being able to connect with the live stream source with the default limit to 2 ---->
<-- … -->
<-- … -->
<mount type="normal">
<mount type="normal">
<fallback-mount>/absolute_fallback.mp3</fallback-mount>  <---- I chose a different track here so I can tell if ezstream is working or not ---->

4. Add "ezstream -c path/to/ezstream.xml" as a service and start it (I had to write my own ezstream.service and install it via systemctl, but I’m not sure if I am following best practice with it, so I don’t provide it here)

5. When you restart the icecast service, restart the ezstream service, too (some time later) – else, for me, it stops working – of course, there might be better/best practice solutions for that

Best regards,


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