[Icecast] fallback loop

Ken Gillett kengroups at icloud.com
Fri May 21 13:27:52 UTC 2021

I’m trying to set up a fallback that plays a file - just silence in fact as it really is just a way of getting Icecast to wait instead of chucking off the listeners. Anyway…

I’ve created an AAC file (same format as actual stream) of 10 secs of silence (using ffmpeg). I’m using ffplay to test this as it’s easy to see any errors and when I use that to connect, it plays once (i.e. for 10 secs) then I see this error:-

	Found duplicated MOOV Atom. Skipped it

Which then rapidly repeats until I stop the process. Since the MOOV atom is required in such a file and simply looping it will inevitably cause the player to see repeated MOOVs as it receives the continuous stream, I cannot see how to prevent this. Yet Icecast docs are clear that the fallback file will be simply looped until the real intended source is again available.

How can this work? How can I eliminate the duplicate MOOVs?

Obviously I could make a longer file, i.e. that will last longer than any likely discontinuity in the source and hence no need to loop, but that requires prior knowledge of how long that might be and also:-

If fallback-override is specified, will it switch back to the original mount (due to that source becoming available) in the middle of playing the fallback file, or will it have to wait until the end of the file?

Ken  G i l l e t t


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