[Icecast] no sound for client

Ron Otten ron at hartegroeten.nl
Fri May 14 17:13:07 UTC 2021

Hi there,

Can someone please help me.
I have made a fresh Rasphian install on a Pi 3b and installed Icecast
2.4.4. Made the necessary adjustments in the config and connected with
BroadcastMySelf 9,12 as source. When a connection is made, I see the mount
with the right source appear on the Icecast Admin screen. When I login with
a browser (Chrome and Firefox) with IP:8000 I get an Icecast
Statuscreeen with information about the mount but no sound. Even when I
click on the M3U, this is opened, but no sound. What could be the mistake?

I would like to create a broadcastingsystem for a LAN not connected to the

thanks for all attention and help,
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