[Icecast] Transcoding

Ken Gillett kengroups at icloud.com
Mon May 10 08:05:19 UTC 2021

Yes I was thinking the same about about polling the stats etc, but messy, really messy. As you say, what is needed are listener (dis)connect hooks. But I guess slim chance of that.

Even then there would need to be some additional code to figure out how many listeners to that stream to determine whether transcoder needs to be started or stopped. While this sort of thing can be done ‘externally’, far better if Icecast handled it internally and provided hooks for ‘first listener connect’ and ‘last listener disconnect’ that could be placed within the <mount> section.

Even less chance of that. ☹️

Ken  G i l l e t t


> On 9 May 2021, at 20:09, Lorenz Reichelt <lr at pripple.de> wrote:
> Hi Ken, I suggest you poll the statistics every time the log file changes (→ file system event) and compare the list of streams with at least one listener with the list of active transcoders. So far for a workaround. I agree, though, that a on-listener-(dis)connect hook could be useful. – Lorenz 

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