[Icecast] Problem streaming from RTLSDR-Airband

Peter Tompkins pete at malibubeach.com
Sun Mar 28 02:38:02 UTC 2021

I am brand new to icecast so I suspect this will be a silly query to many
but I am out of ideas.  I am running RTLSDR-Airband and Icecast on the same
Rasberry Pi 4b.   The icecast admin pages work (and say there are no active
mount points), The airband status page shows valid numbers indicating it is
connected to the radio device and is capturing the requested frecuencies.
But both of them are reporting error messages regarding the connection
between the two.  There is clearly something I am missing to tell icecast
that this should be treated as a request from a source.


I see the following in the icecast error log (and a comparable error message
in the airband log).


[2021-03-27  19:04:50] WARN fserve/fserve_client_create req for file
"/usr/share/icecast2/web/ATIS" No such file or directory


I have an output defined in the airband config thusly:


      freq = 126.025;

      outputs: (


                  type = "icecast";

                  server = "localhost";

          port = 8000;

          mountpoint = "ATIS";

          name = "ATIS";

          genre = "ATC";

          description = "KCMA ATIS";

          username = "source";

          password = "KCMA";





I made minimal changes to the default icecast config:

Set source-password to KCMA to match the password in the airband config

Left hostname to localhost (at least for now)

I have a listen socket for port 8000 


If I read the documentation correctly, I do not need to define a mount point
in the xml file: I think I read that should happen automatically with the
source connect, but it seems to be complaining that the mountpoint name is
not recognized ("ATIS")


I am hoping someone can tell me what stupid thing I am overlooking?

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