[Icecast] REQUEST: Certificate documentation

Tony Harding uktony at radiocompany.net
Sun Mar 28 17:59:55 UTC 2021

I would like to request a section in the manual dedicated to CertificatesWith the https now becoming mandatory following the gods of Google changes, this is becoming a critical subject.The process of using certbot to get a certificate, putting <ssl>1</ssl> against all the ports and putting <ssl-certificate>/etc/letsencrypt/live/ice.something.com/fullchain.pem</ssl-certificate> in the icecast.xml is fraught and needs a definitive guide.Lack of understanding of Icecast by non-users can make seeking help from Cert forums a struggle.I have a cert on my machine, have the entries in the XML, but still fail to get it to work. I would guess this is going to be a growing problem and would suggest that this would be a help to all and resource for new users to be pointed to.Tony Harding

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