[Icecast] Streaming OGG/Vorbis files dies on track change

kit therealkitman at iinet.net.au
Tue Jul 6 05:22:55 UTC 2021

Hi Philipp,

I was concerned about the mountpoint name as well afterwards so now in 
my tests I used stream8001.ogg. But this did not change anything in the 
behaviour as I still had the same issues.

Testing was re-done in a virtual machine and examined the access.log as 
suggested. I can confirm that there is only 1 SOURCE entry for the 
source client at runtime.

EZSTREAM with ogg metadata sent

1/ - - [06/Jul/2021:12:05:41 +0800] "SOURCE /stream8001.ogg 
HTTP/1.0" 401 331 "-" "libshout/2.4.5" 0//
// - - [06/Jul/2021:12:12:34 +0800] "GET /stream8001.ogg 
HTTP/1.1" 200 5648489 "-" "Clementine 1.3.1" 405 <--------Clementine 
dies about 3 minutes after track change. My associate reports that his 
Windows Media Player dies too.//
// - - [06/Jul/2021:12:16:36 +0800] "GET /stream8001.ogg 
HTTP/1.1" 200 9865567 "-" "Mozilla/5.0" 623 <----- keeps playing but 
reports the following discontinuity during a track change .../

chris at asus-roc:~> mpv
  (+) Audio --aid=1 'All Directions Are Up' (vorbis 2ch 44100Hz)
File tags:
  Artist: Cyber Zen Sound Engine
  Album: Moonscapes: How Stones Become Enlightened
  Album_Artist: Cyber Zen Sound Engine
  Genre: Electronica
  Title: All Directions Are Up
  Track: 1
AO: [jack] 44100Hz stereo 2ch floatp
A: 00:03:34 / 00:03:39 (98%) Cache: 4.6s/165KB
/*[lavf] Linearizing discontinuity: 0.000000 -> 246.296599*//*
*//*[lavf] Linearizing discontinuity: 246.293696 -> 246.296599*/
A: 00:03:39 / 00:03:44 (98%) Cache: 5.0s/157KB
File tags:
  Artist: Fanger & Schönwälder
  Album: Analog Overdose (Featuring Lutz Ulbrich)
  Album_Artist: Fanger & Schönwälder
  Genre: Disco
  Title: Analog Moods
A: 00:10:21 / 00:10:26 (99%) Cache: 4.6s/266KB

I next used Mixxx to stream Ogg files without metadata - all listening 
clients performed ok during track changes. Naturally those clients could 
not report any track titles/artists.

/ - - [06/Jul/2021:12:51:26 +0800] "SOURCE /stream8001.ogg 
HTTP/1.0" 401 331 "-" "libshout/2.4.1" 0/

Next Mixxx with ogg metadata was streamed - same problems as the 
EZSTREAM results above.

The Mixxx manual has this nice little mention -

/*Dynamically update Ogg Vorbis metadata*//: Due to flaws in some 
streaming clients, updating Ogg Vorbis metadata dynamically can cause 
listener glitches and disconnections. Check this box to update the 
metadata anyway. Some players that listeners can use have bugs that can 
cause audio glitches or disconnections when the Ogg Vorbis metadata is 
updated dynamically. If this is not a problem, you can enable this 

Since EZSTREAM or Ices can not stream MP3 or OGG (without it's metadata) 
I am ditching them both. MPD+ncmpcpp work nicely last night on a test 
rig streaming MP3 so I am rebuilding my server with those.

But I would still be curious about this issue as to what happened.



On 5/7/21 8:04 pm, Philipp Schafft wrote:
> Good afternoon,
> On Sun, 2021-07-04 at 10:24 +0800, kit wrote:
>> Hi.
>> I'm having issues with streaming OGG/Vorbis files to Icecast. I am
>> using  Ezsteam to stream a playlist of Ogg files from the command
>> line, but  when there is a track change the stream stops in clients
>> like Clementine  and Windows Media Player. MPV client reports a
>> discontinuity but carries on playing.
>> I have also test using Mixxx to stream as Ogg to the same icecast
>> server but it has the same issue. Only B.U.T.T. seems to handle track
>> changes well.
>> This is my mount details from the icecast XML file.
>>       <mount type="normal">
>>           <mount-name>/stream8001</mount-name>
> That is a strange name for a mount.
> Please also keep in mind that some broken players expect Ogg/Vorbis
> streams to have an URI ending with ".ogg". This is NOT a problem of
> Icecast, but of some players. So consider to change this.
>>           <username>s8001</username>
>>           <password>redacted</password>
>>        </mount>
>> There are no issues with streaming MP3 at all as far as I can see.
>> But since I need to use EZstream OGG format is my only option.
>> I'm looking at MPD+ncmpcpp as an alternative (more reading) but I
>> would  like to stick with Ezstream at this point since I have it
>> running.
>> This track change issue with ogg files seems to be a known issue.
>> But  reading the docs a bit more I wonder if the use of a fallback-
>> mount setting using an ogg file of 5 secs of silence would fix
>> things?
> It depends on what the actual problem is. But I suspect it is not that
> the source client drops the connection. A fallback would only help in
> that case.
> You can check this by having a look at your access.log. If it lists one
> SOURCE, or PUT request per track, than this is the problem (and the
> source client is having some issue). If you see only one SOURCE, or PUT
> request for each runtime of the source client, then it does at least
> this correctly.
> Is there a public URI to your stream so we can have a look?
> With best regards,
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