[Icecast] error from relay request

Christophe PEREZ christophe.perez at novazur.fr
Mon Jul 5 13:25:36 UTC 2021

Le lundi 05 juillet 2021 à 12:26 +0000, Philipp Schafft a écrit :

> TLS based streams are currently not supported by Icecast for internal
> relays.

Ohh ! Ok !
Do you know if it is planned to be supported?

> I fear your best option here would be to use an relay external to
> Icecast. There are several software packages that can fetch a stream
> and forward it Icecast (both with, and without transcoding).

A common package (without transcoding) name that I would have a chance
to find under gentoo would suit me ;)

> If there is general interest I can go into details here (but would do
> that in a different thread):
>  * Why using splicing is very smart to do for Icecast,
>  * and why it would be smart to have alternatives*.

I'm curious to read this, although I'm not sure it's within my reach.

Thank you very much for your answer which saves me from wasting more
time than I have already wasted so unnecessarily.

Christophe PEREZ

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