[Icecast] Streaming OGG/Vorbis files dies on track change

kit therealkitman at iinet.net.au
Sun Jul 4 02:24:38 UTC 2021


I'm having issues with streaming OGG/Vorbis files to Icecast. I am using 
Ezsteam to stream a playlist of Ogg files from the command line, but 
when there is a track change the stream stops in clients like Clementine 
and Windows Media Player. MPV client reports a discontinuity but carries 
on playing.

I have also test using Mixxx to stream as Ogg to the same icecast server 
but it has the same issue. Only B.U.T.T. seems to handle track changes well.

This is my mount details from the icecast XML file.

     <mount type="normal">

There are no issues with streaming MP3 at all as far as I can see. But 
since I need to use EZstream OGG format is my only option.

I'm looking at MPD+ncmpcpp as an alternative (more reading) but I would 
like to stick with Ezstream at this point since I have it running.

This track change issue with ogg files seems to be a known issue. But 
reading the docs a bit more I wonder if the use of a fallback-mount 
setting using an ogg file of 5 secs of silence would fix things?



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