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Sat Jan 9 12:55:21 UTC 2021

I tested it on a CentOS7 machine and on I actually could use only one listen port with ssl, so there must be something else with your setup.
If you are on CentOS or any other RHEL based os, is selinux enabled or at least in permissive mode ?
Check with “sestatus”, test with “setenforce permissive”.


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I will test this, maybe it must at least have one port with ssl disabled.
You could do a bind for port 8000 on
Then functionally you only have port 8443 on public network.
You can also block this port in your firewall.


Op 8 jan. 2021 14:31 schreef Wang <Wang at pc-factory.at<mailto:Wang at pc-factory.at>>:

> That should be easy, just use only one <listen-socket> section with ssl enabled:
> <listen-socket>
>   <port>8000</port>
>   <ssl>1</ssl>
> </listen-socket>

Thought so too. But in this case port 8000 does not work.

With this:


neither port 8000 nor port 8443 work.

What might I be missing here?

> Did you restart (and not only reload) icecast ?

Yes, I did.

> Paul
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