[Icecast] Trouble

usermark at mdrsesco.biz usermark at mdrsesco.biz
Tue Dec 21 20:52:32 UTC 2021

icecast Was Working Fine But Now...


 <https://www.washear.org/> Metropolitan Washington Ear Home (washear.org)


The link above is the homepage for Metropolitan Washington Ear, a radio
reading service for the blind.


Somebody else installed Icecast on a dedicated Windows 7 PC in 2008.   Roll
forward to 2022 (almost) the live feed still works great.  But the Radio
Archive (which see on the homepage) does not.


I just tested it again.  By clicking one of the radio programs the browser
attempts to contact Icecast via this URL:


No response.  Dang.   


Mark Rockman


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