[Icecast] Prefered way to check if mountpoint is in use

Jordan Erickson jordan at coolmic.net
Fri Dec 10 16:40:01 UTC 2021

The status pages are dynamic and the developers do not guarantee that 
they will stay the same. This means the method you use to parse them may 
break randomly with updates. Using the API itself guarantees a stable 
interface to query between versions. At least that's how I understand 

API: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/API

Jordan Erickson

On 12/10/21 3:22 AM, unosonic wrote:
> Philipp Schafft:
>>>   - check icecast status and parse response
>> Parsing the status page is *always* *wrong*. If you you would want to
>> access status data just use the API.
> interesting! I've been parsing status-json.xsl for years in apps and scripts,
> in order to check for mountpoints, and it never has failed. Can't be so wrong ;)
> Curious, what does "API" refer to? Something like
> ?
> bests, u.

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