[Icecast] URL authentication failing

Milton Huang mph at emotrics.com
Wed Dec 1 06:08:53 UTC 2021

I'm using a compiled version of Icecast ( for TLS and having
problems tracking down where URL authentication is failing.  My icecast.xml
mount is:

            <role type="url" match-method="get,post,head,options"
allow-web="*" deny-admin="*" may-alter="send_error,redirect">
                <option name="client_add"       value="
                <option name="client_remove"    value="
                <option name="action_add"       value="listener_add"/>
                <option name="action_remove"    value="listener_remove"/>
                <option name="headers"
                <option name="header_prefix"    value=""/>
                <option name="header_auth"      value="HTTP/1.1 200 OK"/>
                <option name="header_timelimit" value=""/>
            <role type="anonymous" match-method="get,post,head,options"
deny-all="*" />

(I tried it first with "auth_header" like in the online doc, but changed it
to "header_auth" based on the messages in error.log) When I try to access
the stream, Icecast sends the correct POST to posthere.io to check
authentication. But in the error logs it says:

[2021-12-01  02:50:56] INFO auth/queue_auth_client auth on /teststream.mp3
has 1 pending
[2021-12-01  02:50:56] INFO auth_url/url_add_client client auth (
https://posthere.io/79f1-4499-9c2e) failed with ""
[2021-12-01  02:50:56] WARN reportxml/reportxml_database_build_report No
matching definition for "253444798-0643-4577-9139"

So it looks like auth failed. But why is it failing with ""? Does that mean
it didn't get the "HTTP/1.1 200 OK" response that posthere sent back? Any
suggestions on figuring this out?
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