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Date: 2021-04-25 22:39
 From: Petr Pisar <petr.pisar at atlas.cz>
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V Sun, Apr 25, 2021 at 08:43:26PM +0100, Ken Gillett napsal(a):
> What I want to do is broadcast on my LAN (i.e. around the house) some
> satellite radio streams, by which I mean stations that broadcast on 
> FreeSat
> (here in the UK). FTA and unencrypted. I have a satellite tuner card in 
> the
> mediaserver and I’d like to be able to access those radio streams 
> (about
> a dozen, max.) and make them available to any IP radio receiver (that 
> should
> be able to use Icecast streams).
> The tuner card and Icecast would be on the same server and with no 
> clients
> listening, there would be no output onto the LAN and if those stations 
> were
> still ’streaming’ internally, that’s probably not an issue.
> However, any suggestions as to how I could connect the Sat tuner output 
> to
> Icecast input? The Sat tuner is standards compliant (I believe, V4l?), 
> but
> I could run minisatip, so those stations would be accessible as 
> standard
> SAT>IP streams. But again, any suggestions how to make this connection
> between the Sat tuner and Icecast?
I have almost no experience with V4L2. So I cannot help you.

somebody reported that he uses IceS program to read sound from an ALSA 
which is in real a virtual ALSA devices provided by a PulseAudio deamon 
feeds the ALSA output with a PCM sound read from a /dev/radio0 character
device provides by his V4L2 tunner. Then IceS compresses the PCM audio 
a format of you choice (e.g. Vorbis) and forwards the compressed audio 
an Icecast server.

I have some doubts whether this is the best option. In my opinion
a satellite broadcasting uses an MPEG TS stream. Thus it should be 
just to repack the MPEG format from a MPEG TS container into ICY 
without transcoding the audio. That should preserve quality of the sound 
conserve a CPU power. If it is possible, then I bet somebody has already
written such software. E.g. ffmpeg can be requested not to recompress 
a "copy" codec. And here
<https://gist.github.com/keiya/c8a5cbd4fe2594ddbb3390d9cf7dcac9> is 
used as a source for Icecast.

-- Petr


Well, I do IT via pulseaudio and in the near past more with direct 
grabbing alsa device via gstreamer and libshout.
IT is broken since Dezember and iam very sure that libshout here on 
Gentoo is broken.
Maybe a fix after the actual release? ;)
I pretty need grabbing alsa and send it via libshout / gstreamer to 
I'm also in the chat for questions.

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