[Icecast] Streaming issue with IOS and Safari

Jordan Erickson jordan at coolmic.net
Fri Sep 25 21:04:42 UTC 2020

I would guess it has to do with the codec/format of your stream being
incompatible with iOS/Safari. What codec are you using? Have you checked
to see whether iOS/Safari supports it?

Unfortunately there's no 'silver bullet', so to speak, with choosing
codecs that are 100% supported by all browsers on all platforms. You can
provide multiple streams (for instance, one Ogg/Vorbis and another MP3)
that would cover the majority of them - but IMHO the only way to ensure
compatibility is to provide your own app that has support for your
specific stream(s).

As an aside, VLC is an app that supports most codecs fairly well.

Jordan Erickson

On 9/25/20 11:10 AM, Damien GENESTE wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Thank you for Icecast, it's a very good product.
> I have an issue with people using IOS and Safari. They can't listen my
> webradio. I'm using icecast and liquidsoap, it's working perfectly for
> everyone except for IOS users with Safari.
> Could you help me please ?
> BR,
> *Ceelo*
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