[Icecast] HLS enabled mounts

Robert Fitzpatrick robert at webtent.org
Wed Oct 28 14:08:01 UTC 2020

Mayiani, Martin Martine - mayianmm wrote on 10/27/2020 11:03 PM:
> Hi Robert,
> Unfortunately I am not replying to answer your question but to ask a question on pre-roll.  I am working on a similar project but still at the configuration stages. For some reason my intro file is not being played.  I am also using Icecast 2.4.4 and have four mount points on one relay server.  I am trying to use my intro file on only one mount point.  I am also doing mp3 not HLS.  Any insight ? I have attached the config for my mount point.

You need to be sure your mp3 file used for the intro is encoded the same 
as your stream. I use `mediainfo` to view the format and be sure the 
file is the same sampling rate and bit rate as well as the number of 
channels. I found once the file I was trying to use was not 2 channel 
stereo. Also, I see you are using the full path for the intro file in 
your config. I'm not sure if Icecast supports the full path, I only put 
the name of the file and place the file into the Icecast web directory.


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