[Icecast] HLS enabled mounts

Jordan Erickson jordan at coolmic.net
Tue Oct 27 18:39:17 UTC 2020

Hi Robert,

Intro files play whenever a listener client connects. If you are 
disconnecting from WiFi and going to LTE, for example, this is expected 
behavior as you are severing the connection and re-connecting. It sounds 
like the same type of case with users with "unstable Internet 
connections" as they may well be disconnected from the Icecast server 
and reconnect when network is available again.

Icecast, AFAIK, doesn't support HLS ( 
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_Live_Streaming ) so I can't comment 
on that.

Jordan Erickson

On 10/27/20 7:44 AM, Robert Fitzpatrick wrote:
> We use Icecast version 2.4.4 and recently added an intro (preroll) to 
> one of our channels. Although we haven't had any direct complaints, 
> there has been a discussion thread with some of our public radio 
> colleagues getting complaints about users receiving a repeat of the 
> intro many times when their device switches from WiFi to LTE or unstable 
> Internet connections.
> One of our colleagues received a response from Triton Digital about 
> "utilizing your HLS enabled mounts for streaming". I am not familiar 
> with this technology, could someone here provide more information about 
> how this could be used with Icecast and how it would help in the case of 
> unstable Internet connections and/or intros?
> Thanks!

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