[Icecast] Socket is busy: Success?

Geoff Shang geoff at QuiteLikely.com
Mon Oct 26 14:29:40 UTC 2020

On Mon, 26 Oct 2020, Bananradion wrote:

> Ok! So how can i fix this issue then?
> All works great if I connect ices to port 8086, but I need it to connect to
> 8443 without getting "Socket is busy".

In all honesty, I don't know what that error means adn I've not tried to 
use TLS with Icecast.

I guess you could set up two listen sockets on port 8443, one on 
without SSL and one on your external IP address with SSL.

But if it all works well on port 8086, why not use that?  The stream 
should still be available to listeners on port 8443.


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