[Icecast] SSL connection fails: Invalid or missing password

Alex Borés abores at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 23:24:04 UTC 2020


I have installed and configured Icecast 2.4.4 with SSL in Ubuntu 18.04.3. 

I can successfully connect to the server using the web browser and everything seems fine.

However, when I try to connect using an Icecast client such as LadioCast I see the following logs (server side):

[2020-03-31  16:50:29] INFO connection/get_ssl_certificate SSL certificate found at /etc/icecast2/bundle.pem
[2020-03-31  16:50:29] INFO connection/get_ssl_certificate SSL using ciphers (key)
[2020-03-31  16:51:07] INFO connection/_handle_source_request Source logging in at mountpoint "/live" from (ip address)
[2020-03-31  16:51:07] INFO connection/_handle_source_request Source (/live) attempted to login with invalid or missing password

The credentials are correctly set in the client and obviously not empty. Actually, if I just remove the <ssl>1</ssl> line from the config file the connection gets established.

Any ideas?

Please let me know if you need any additional context info. 

Thanks in advance.


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