[Icecast] Icecast source client with web request/voting for next to play function

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Hi Kokos

The first thing you need is a music play out system. Almost anything can play a random song from your collection; but; you have some conditions you want to place on the play out process.

I recommend a program called Rivendell which is free and will do everything you want.


There is a FB group and a mailing list and a Wiki.

The Rivendell system includes a stream creation program which will output mp3 or AAC+ or you can output the audio to a mixer and route that to a computer running darkice or whatever. 

You will need a computer running Icecast2  and I recommend you do not try and run it on the same computer as Rivendell.

You can build Icecast2 on Ubuntu Server on almost anything.

If you want someone to be able to request a song 'on-line', something I caution you against, you can create web page code in perl or python which will achieve that. 

All music is normalised to the same level which you have full control over. Big subject. Too big for here. You can install some dynamic processing. 

You import your music, set up events to play it with separation rules. Put the events into clocks where you can add more selection rules.

Your home broadband will not support too many listeners. Depending on how much choke your ISP puts on your service; and they all do; you might get 3 or 4 reliable simultaneous connects so you will need a streaming service. 

Depending where there are plenty of options. You get what you pay for.

Have fun.




On 20/03/20 4:39 am, Konrad Kostecki wrote:

Hi all!


Thank you for having me. I'm a person who encourage a small local community for musical involvement. It already kinda worked, we are doing plenty of fantastic things together.


What I am now thinking of is 24/7 Internet radio based on Icecast that will air all of their non-professional music I gathered. Functions I'm looking for:

- frequent scanning of music directory to update music library for dynamic playlist building

- to shuffle music on playlist fairly to not have same artist played two or more times in a row, so all artists could have a chance to be aired equally

- from web perspective to have possibility for end-users to select songs which will be played next

- replaygain support (radio mode, not album mode)


Don't get me wrong, I'm not looking for any easy/ready solution, maybe I'm not a coder but I can at least try to script something in bash or Python. However, I'm confused regarding source clients available - Liquidsoap, butt, MPD, DarkIce, DeeFuzzer, Ezstream (at least I find these projects as quite active) - I have no experience with them and I can't really find useful opinions. Can you tell which of them could be best for described vision? I'd appreciate if you could recommend me any way I could follow, which specific software components I would possibly need to integrate. Even brief information will do!


Thanks! Stay healthy!


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