[Icecast] Issue with Wordpress in HTTPS and Icecast Stream URL in HTTP

Damien GENESTE d.geneste at illud.fr
Wed Mar 18 15:25:18 UTC 2020


Configuration :
- Debian 8
- Wordpress 5.3.2 (Apache)
- Icecast 2
- Radio web player : Streamcast

I just installed my Web radio that was working correctly in full HTTP.

I add a Lets Encrypt certificat on my Wordpress that is now in HTTPS. Since
my Wordpress is in HTTPS, my stream on the website is not working. The
direct Link in HTTP is working correctly.

I checked on the internet and it say "mixed content do not work". I was not
able to find a simple procedure to add HTTPS on my Icecast stream link.

Could you please hell me with this ?

Best regards,

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