[Icecast] SSL Question

Gavin Stephens gavin at stephens.net.nz
Wed Mar 11 06:15:12 UTC 2020

>> The error message I was getting in the Icecast log was about no
>> compatible ssl port. I assumed this was something more complex than a
>> bad certificate since an error message to that effect would have been
>> easier to figure out.
>> I took the certificate and private key .pem files, added them together
>> but it didn't work until the conversion to pfx and back.
> Interesting. Can you show us the difference in .pem files before and
> after conversion (without revealing your private key, of course)?
> Regards,
>   - Jeroen
The only difference I can see, is that it has added the bag attributes, 
issuer, country etc... before the base64 begins in plain text. I'm 
wondering if it was in the way the ACME client made the .pem files. I 
used win-acme.


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