[Icecast] Last hurdles...

Marvin Scholz epirat07 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 18 20:09:22 UTC 2020

Hi, please don't hijack other threads for your problem.
Instead, send a new email to the list to start a new thread
instead of replying in a existing discussion as it is very
confusing and disruptive.

On 18 Jun 2020, at 22:06, Milonga Varón wrote:

> Hi y'all,
> I have icecast and MIXXX running ok.
> Icecast Directory listed my radio and songs, which means my static ip
> address and port 8000 forwarding work. But clicking its Play button did not
> work.
> Also, when I type http:\\myexternaladdress:8000/mountname in my browser, it
> does not find anything.
> Might these two failures have a common cause?
> Thanks
> Varon
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