[Icecast] Empty username and password for stream_auth

Christian Stoller Christian.Stoller at leonex.de
Tue Jun 16 13:25:00 UTC 2020


we are using Icecast with url authentication for some days now. This generally works quite well. But our web service that provides the authentication check sometimes gets requests with the following parameters:


The passed username and password is empty. Why does this happen and what should our authentication provider response to such a request?
Currently we response with HTTP status code 403 and the header "Icecast-Auth-Message: No username provided".

Icecast logs the following at the time of the request:
> [2020-06-11 10:08:57] INFO auth/auth_stream_authenticate request source auth for "/stream"
> [2020-06-11 10:08:57] INFO auth/queue_auth_client auth on /stream has 1 pending
> [2020-06-11 10:08:57] WARN auth/stream_auth_callback Failed auth for source "/stream"

I hope you can help me.

Best regards

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