[Icecast] Can't play from iPhone

Kurt Fitzner kurt+icecast at va1der.ca
Mon Jun 15 01:55:52 UTC 2020

I am having a terrible time getting an iPhone to connect to my stream. 
I am trying to connect through just a normal web browser (Safari) to my
icecast 2.4.4 server.  When I connect to the web page, the iphone
doesn't see the <audio> tag on the stream.  I think safari doesn't
recognize application/ogg as a mime type, which is what icecast 2.4.4's
web server puts on it.  When I try and link directly to the stream, the
best I can get is the message where Safari asks me if I want to download

The streaming app I am using supports vorbis and opus but neither work. 
Here is my ogg mount: 

        <stream-description>Public broadcast</stream-description>

Is there a trick for iPhone? 

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