[Icecast] Linux source-client that can push AAC to icecast2?

axeon 2qopz9602 at sneakemail.com
Mon Jul 13 04:52:46 UTC 2020

Thanks, Robert! liquidsoap looks pretty slick. I'll play around and ask
them for help if I can't set it up properly.

All my songs are in MP3 so I was going to just leave it as is and transcode
to AAC live, out of laziness. Do you think that is a bad idea? Should I
convert them all to AAC ahead of time? I'm setting this up just for myself
to use. The reason I need AAC is because the device I am listening to the
stream with only seems to accept AAC as a stream format, and limited to
128kbps max.

On Sun, Jul 12, 2020 at 2:51 PM Robert Jeffares wrote:

> looks like a job for liquidsoap!
> You can set up a playlist of any kind of audio.
> It will encode AAC and AAC+ both have small footprints with better audio
> delivery.
> I assume you are using mp3 as source because of limited space.
> The resampled sound will be no better then the mp3 source and in some
> cases will not be so good.
> regards
> Robert
> On 13/07/20 6:25 am, axeon wrote:
> > Hi all, I set up ezstream to read a playlist.m3u file containing only
> MP3 encoded songs (to shuffle continuously) and push this to icecast2. This
> works, and I can also reencode to a lower bitrate.
> >
> > I would like to know if there is a way to reencode these MP3s into
> AAC-LC 128kpbs and then push the stream to icecast2. I'm doing this on a VM
> with only terminal access and no audio hardware, so ezstream was perfect
> because it could just read MP3s and send it over, but it does not support
> AAC. I've looked at all the other source clients on the icecast website,
> but could not find anything that could work with AAC. I'm not good enough
> with Linux to recompile stuff (have run into errors on clean cloud Linux
> VMs), so was hoping there were packages unknown to be that could accomplish
> this. I think all the source songs are MP3, so just need to reencode to AAC.
> >
> > And worst case I can reencode everything to AAC, but I still lack a
> source client that can send the song over to icecast2 without having to
> play it on the host and then capture the audio stream. Thank you.
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