[Icecast] admin console

user 5f787a at i2pmail.org
Mon Jan 6 21:56:43 UTC 2020

2020-01-06 17:50, Philipp Schafft wrote:
> Good evening,
> On Mon, 2020-01-06 at 10:24 +0000, user wrote:
> > Hello.
> > Is it possible to bind admin console on different port?
> > 
> > icecast 2.4.4
> No, this is not possible with Icecast 2.4.x. Doing that would even break
> some kinds of clients.
> Please note that it would not add to security as too often falsely
> claimed. If you want to improve your security, use a strong password and
> TLS.

My password is strong, even admin name strong too.
Why TLS? To avoid password interception?

I'm consider to put icecast behind reverse proxy. It is not so easy as I
think before. Does anyone have experience with it?


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